How to Repair Burnt Carpet

If the tip of the carpet fiber was burned, the thing that you need to do is to carefully cut off the fiber that is charred by making use of a small and sharp scissor. After that, you lightly sponge the area with the use of a solution of mild detergent and then clean it with water. The low spot of the carpet is not going to be noticed when the carpet dries.

On the other hand, if the large area of the carpet has been damaged, you will be needing to replace the area that is burned by making use of a patch that is cut from the piece of scrap of the carpet. In order to do that, follow the instruction below:

Step number 1: With the use of the scraps, you need to cut a square or a rectangle shape of the caret that is a little larger from the area that is burn. For the patch to blend to the carpet, you need to match the pattern of the patch to the carpet. You can also pile the must runs in a direction that is similar.

Step number 2: You need to press the scrap in a firm manner over the carpet’s damage area. Hold it in place and make use of a utility knife in order to cut the edges the surrounds the under of the carpet. You can cut it completely but you should be careful not to cut padding of the carpet.

Step number 3: When all the damaged area has been cut out, the next thing that you need to do is to lift the burned piece from the hole. Check if the patch fit to it and then trim its edged slightly in order for its opening to fit exactly.

Step number 4: To install the carpet patch, you should stick to the piece of the double face carpet tape and you can put an adhesive to each sides of the padding. Position the patch and then firmly press its edges into the padding. After that, let the adhesive dry for a couple of hours before you can walk on the patch.

Carpet cleaning is one of the hardest part of laundry work that is why most of us only clean it in a very minimal time. It is very important to make sure that our carpet is receiving the necessary care that it needs in order for it to remain clean and free from unnecessary dirt and mold growth. The tips above are very useful and you can try it for your carpet.

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