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Rug restoration can breathe new life into an older rug and rejuvenate specialty rugs such as oriental rugs. When you need quality rug restoration services in New York City, you can depend on Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners. We offer comprehensive rug restoration services ensuring the best results for your rugs and carpeting. Using a variety of advanced techniques, our rug restoration specialists can revive your rugs and have them looking as good as new.

Rug Refringing

One of the services we provide for restoring rugs is rug refringing. There are many instances where the fringed edges of the rug can become tangled and damaged including common causes such as vacuuming and pet damage. The fringes enhance the appearance of the rug and when damaged, they can detract from its aesthetic appearance. Instead of discarding a rug because of damage to the fringe, contact us to find out more about our rug refringing services.

Carpet Spot Dyeing

Many carpets begin to fade in certain areas leaving an unfinished look to your carpeting. With carpet spot dyeing, it is possible to restore the overall look of the carpet and restore the faded areas back to their original colors. The carpet dye is typically used in small quantities so as not to degrade the fabric of the carpet.

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