Rug Restoration

At Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners, we do more than just clean carpets as we can clean and restore rugs as well. Our rug restoration services can renew your old rug by bringing it back to looking virtually new depending on its condition while adding years to its life. We have developed quite the reputation in the greater New York City area thanks to our exception services when it comes to restoring rugs.

Our restoration services for your rug start with a free estimate which may require one of our representatives visiting your home and inspecting the rug itself. We believe in delivering the best in customer satisfaction which is why we want to do a proper evaluation of your rug. Once you accept our estimate, our professions will get to work on restoring your rug to its former glory.

Our Rug Restoration Services

We offer a number of services that will help get your rug back in shape. Once the evaluation process is completed, the first step will be to clean the rug properly using safe, environmentally sound products that will get rid of any dirt and debris that has built up in the fibers of the rug itself. Particles of dirt can get into the fibers and stitching that holds the rug together and start breaking them down over time. By cleaning them away, the fibers of the rug can be protected while the restoration process begins. Plus, the cleaning process will not leave behind any residue that is harmful to the rug or the environment.

Refringing: One of our restoration services that we perform on rugs is refringing. This is a process where the fringe of the rug which gets tangled and damaged over time is dutifully restored by our trained professionals. The fringes of a rug can become damaged due to a variety of reasons such as getting caught up in the vacuum, being walked on by people and played with by pets. When the fringes of the rug are damaged, it can really detract from its inherent beauty.

You may be surprised at how many people will throw away a rug that has damage to the fringe and then go out and spend a lot more for a new rug compared to having the fringe repaired and restored. Our services can not only bring back the fringe to your rug, but save you money in terms of not having to purchase a new one.

In addition to refringing, we can also do some restoration in terms of repair and restoring rugs so that they can look new again. It will depend on the damage that has occurred, but at Green Leaf Carpet Cleaning we’ve been able to restore some badly damaged rugs to their former glory.

Our rug restoration services are customized to address the needs of each rug that we clean, repair and restore. Let us be your company to call when you are in need of restoring a rug that has real and personal value to you. Please call our offices at 1 (866) 306-2803 today and find out why more people are choosing Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners.

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