Rug Cleaning

At Green Leaf Carpet Cleaning we understand that rugs and carpets are not the same thing which is why we use specific cleaning solutions for your rugs. While we are respected in the greater New York City area for cleaning carpets thanks to our professional technicians, top of the line equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We are also highly respected for the way in which we clean rugs, including valuable Oriental rugs.

Our understanding of how rugs and carpets need to be cleaned in a different manner means that you rug will get a complete, thorough cleaning treatment that is designed to protect the fibers and stitching that holds the rug together while removing the dirt and debris that is inside. In this manner, you can rely on our years of cleaning service that your rugs will be properly cleaned which will not only brighten their appearance, but also help them last longer as well.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are different than carpets primarily in how they are constructed. Plus, the dirt and debris that accumulates in a rug will also penetrate from underneath as well. This is why our professional, trained technicians will actually pick up the rug and clean it in a manner that will get at the deepest dirt and debris while ensuring that both sides as well as the floor the rug sits on is thoroughly cleaned.

One similarity that rugs have to carpets is that dirt and debris that remains inside will start to wear on the fibers. This does more than just discolor the rug, over time it will actually start to break it apart. That is why our cleaning solutions will ensure that the rug is thoroughly treated so that all of the dirt and debris are removed which will extend the life of your rug.

Green Cleaning Solutions

In addition to how we clean your rugs, the solutions that we use are environmentally safe and effective. We use natural cleaning products that do not leave behind any residue that can harm the rug or the occupants of your home or office. In addition, the natural products that we use only leave behind a fresh, clean smell that you and those who share the space inside your home or office will enjoy.

At Green Leaf Carpet Cleaning, our reputation is built on providing the best in rug cleaning solutions as well as carpets, upholstery and furniture just to name a few. Our years of experience combined with using the right tools, techniques and cleaning solutions for the job means that you will have fresh, clean rugs by the time we are done.

Call today and talk to our friendly, courteous staff that will go over our services as well as answer your questions. If needed, we will send by a representative to provide for you a free estimate of our rug cleaning services. Or, you can order multiple services from us if you want your home or office to have clean rugs, carpets and upholstery. Please call our offices at 1 (866) 306-2803 today and find out why more people are choosing Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners to properly clean their rugs, carpets and upholstery.

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