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Through daily usage, a carpet can become stained from a variety of different causes. Common culprits are food and drink spills, pet urine, and many other causes. Stains detract from the appearance of the carpet and can cause the overall look of the home to become diminished. Instead of replacing the entire carpet, consider the carpet stain removal service offered by Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners. We provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services throughout New York City for both residential and commercial customers.

Experienced Carpet Stain Removers

Our experienced and professional carpet stain removers are adept at lifting even the toughest stains. Using effective solvents, we are able to dissolve the stain so it can be easily removed from the fibers of the carpet. We utilize green cleaning methods that are safe for your family members as well as the environment. You can depend on our capable team to efficiently handle all of your carpet cleaning and stain removal needs.

Whether you need a small or large stain removed, our dependable team can bring the right equipment and solvents to get the job done effectively. We use only the safest cleansers to ensure your children and pets are fully protected. When it comes to quality and the highest levels of service, Green Leaf Carpet Cleaners is second to none for carpet stain removal services.

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